Brasil 2 – England 2

LDN Tattoo

Tattoo, about five minutes after getting it.

That was for me.

In celebration of my tattoo’s birthday, also the 61st year of Her Majesty The Queen’s reign, the Three Lions drew 2-2 against the mighty Brazilians.

I have a strong disdain for teams that view a draw as a win (glaring at you, US Men’s National Team), but I think the Lions deserve a fair bit of praise for their performance in Rio yesterday. I’d go as far even to say that praise should be tipped in the direction of a win.

I mean, it’s Brazil.

And it’s not like they had their B team on the pitch. Neymar, Oscar, Hulk, David Luiz, Thiago Silva, among others all featured in the starting XI.

To be fair, we had a slightly stronger squad last night than we did against Republic of Ireland earlier in the week. Goalkeeper Joe Hart proved, once again, he’s worthy of the #1 shirt, blocking a number of shots that would have otherwise left his side with an embarrassing defeat. And I should also mention that whatever your opinion of Wayne Rooney, he’s still got it and if he’s able to settle his mind, he’s a world-class striker.

Could things be turning around for Hodgson’s boys? England have notoriously played well during in-between tournament matches, even qualifiers, but I WANT TO BELIEVE!

I should also mention, last time England met Brazil, England won.