At least we can laugh about it now…

Today, during a long work meeting, I began a mini-conversation with my long, lost bestie over email. Whilst traveling the Underground today, she thought it necessary to make contact.
Now hold up, I’m making it sound like I haven’t heard from her in ages. Really, we talked on the phone yesterday. And a couple days before that. So.

Anywhozit, our conversation went a little like (exactly like) this:

Kate sent this. I should know, but I can’t tell which station this was taken in.

K: I’m in the underground so you won’t get these for a while, but strangely enough this is where I am reminded of you most… Weird. Also can you email me from your work email so you will get my emails right away? We can talk pretend work stuff if we have to. Plus it will keep you busy at work. 🙂

M: Is it because that’s where you yell at me the most? 🙂

K: I was actually thinking the same thing! Email me from work. Then emails work like texts! They r more immediate.

M: I’m at a large work summit ….no access to work email til Monday. Have to deliver presentation.

K: Oh snap, ok, well we can use both and you can tell me which one to use by responding in the email that works best for you. Have fun! Good luck. Keep calm and carry on. Love ya bud!


Aaaaaand, then I had to actually go and do work. Unreasonable! Srsly, tho. She for reals is constantly bitching at me on trains.

When I answer/acknowledge a question directed at me by a stranger (because they have mistaken me for an actual British person, a.k.a. paid me the best compliment ever): “Why’d you talk to that person!?”

Maneuvering through a crowd: “Where are you?”/”Just GO!!!”

Arguing over which line goes where: “Ugh! If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times! The Jubilee line doesn’t stop at Bond Street! (She’s never told me this, and it does.) What is wrong with you!?”

And, my favorite: “…” (just walks away)

Ahahahahaha… good times.