New Deletah tracks posted! Hop over to the Music page for some ear candeh!


Ceremonial Testimonial

So I realize I should be posting a play-by-play recap of my recent trip to Olde Blighty, but at the moment, there are more pressing matters at hand. NEW FLORENCE!

D’you wanna know what perfection sounds like? It looks, well the visual, or the look of the sound, or, if your ears were eyes, they would see this, which then they could hear… oh, just… here:

Now I failed, like, every math class since the 5th grade, but I think this is the formula:
2 x 10² parts Evanescence x 2 parts U2 + 1⅞ part Ann Wilson + 1 part Adele + 1 part Gregorian Chant + 6 glitter flecks of Lady Gaga + 1/2 shameless Spice Girl = √15
Oh, now I think I’ve let that run away from me…

The essentials:

Shake It Out

All This and Heaven Too
No Light, No Light
Breaking Down

The skip-if-you-want-to-save-money-on-iTunes:
Uh, the What the Water Gave Me demo that’s included on the deluxe edition. I guess.


RophyDoes: The best list of all the lists…

Have I not introduced you all to the magic of Rophy? Ah, well, prepare to have your minds blown.

For the best – and most visual – Skins, Glee, and Harry Potter recaps, look no further (I would do it, but they’ve given me a complex, so I’m afraid I can’t compete with their genius). I’ll say it again, genius.

To get you started, I came across this little gem:

The Best List of All the Lists (until they come up with another list)

I’ll leave you to it… enjoy!

Florence + the Crappy Audio System

I’m always a little nervous before seeing a live musical performance. The artists/bands I typically fancy enough to shell out oodles of cash to see perform are not your run of the mill garage bands. The artists/bands I enjoy can hold their own even without the most advanced studio equipment, but that’s not to say that a decent sound system isn’t required to make them sound their best.

Is it unreasonable to expect a decent sound system? Ooodles of cash, remember.

So last Saturday, I saw Florence +the Machine at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. While the establishment itself was beautiful and unique with it’s replica Spanish villa and starry night sky interior, it severely lacked one important element: seating. Yes, yes, I know, a decent concert venue doesn’t always need such luxuries to be enjoyable, and it certainly does not impact the quality of the audio, but I find that it does provide one amenity… distance from other people! It’s always the same at general admission-type events – you start out a good five, six feet away from any strangers, you might even remain that way though the opening act – but once the headliner takes the stage, everyone seems to lurch forward in a crowded, sweaty mess. At first it’s a bit irritating, but after the first song, the energy and camaraderie can overpower the icky-ness, but it always ends up back to irritating, doesn’t it? Irritating turns to aggravating when excessive drinking is added to the mix. On this particular evening, I stepped in gum (Indoors? Really?), while my friend, let’s call her, Trixie, did not escape without being kicked in the shin and having beer spilled on her. Ah, refreshing!

Wow, all of this makes me sound like a dinosaur! A right fuddy-duddy! Yeah, well, deal with it. I like me my chairs and my concerts in proper theatres.

I digress.

I will say that Florence herself was still incredible. Her voice was as haunting and enormous as ever. However, it was a damn good thing I knew every lyric to every song, otherwise I would not have had the slightest idea what that crazy redhead was going on about.

While the “Machine” sounded just fine, Florence’s microphone must not have been turned up high enough, or it was damaged, or somethinglikethat. #notastagehand

It was one of those things that left me wondering, “Are there any staff around? Can they hear this? Do they think this sounds GOOD?” I imagine they all simply thought that was as good as it was going to sound and went back to making sure the drunkards didn’t electrocute themselves. Beverage splash + miles of cable laying about = hospital stay.

So, unless someone epic plays their one and only show ever at the Aragon Ballroom, I’ll do my best not to visit the venue again.

Good day.

Dem trumpets be bangin’, ya git me?

Sir Dr. Anschul England, Esq.

In about five days time, I’ll be leaving for a short, but much needed holiday. This means a plane trip, a whole lot of waiting around in airports, and a bit of wandering around unexplored territory by my lonesome – all of which cannot be done without a killer soundtrack. This means I must update the selections on my iPod.

You should know, my iPod has been named Sir Dr. Anschul England, Esq. (At your service…)

Sir Dr. is chockablock to absolute capacity with tunes and videos. I’ve been sitting here for hours trying to pull whatever I can off the damn thing to make room for more. I’ve deleted about 3GB already, but I still need about 700-800MB of space.

Now I’m caught in a dilemma. I have entire albums of Florence + the Machine, Plan B, Ellie Goulding, Alex Metric, Adele, Bloc Party, Lily Allen, Oakenfold, Paloma Faith, Robbie Williams, the Streets, Mumford…that I’ve been unwilling to part with. One just never knows when one will need a little “Dust Bowl Dance” or “Stargazer” or “Don’t Mug Yourself”, does one?

Perhaps taking up even more space, I’ve got several episodes of Skins hanging around. Episodes from series two, three and four. Sure, I’ve seen them all one hundred times each, but they’re all so lovely, and the music on these particular eps makes them all that much harder to cut!

I’d really like to get this sorted without spending the whole of my weekend staring blankly at an incredibly long, and (in the last day or so) unchanging list of songs.

So, I must pose the question to you, my peeps – what shall I do?

Adele – 21

Insert chosen superlative here:

When Adele recently visited the BBC Radio One studio for a Live Lounge performance, she was given not 5-10 minutes, but 30 minutes. She performed six songs and brought a predominantly male team of producers to tears. Her live performance of “Someone Like You” has since been played in heavy rotation over her current hit “Rolling in the Deep”. So, yeah, Radio One DJs – especially Fearne Cotton (whose voice alone deserves its own blog) and Greg James – are absolutely smitten with her. AND YOU SHOULD BE, AS WELL!

This album still allows her powerful voice to carry every track and her smoky, bluesy style is still there, but 21 takes some risks, with more vulnerable themes and increased range from one song to the next.

Her lyrics are strong, her voice is incredible, the arrangements are lovely and brilliant and complex and heart-wrenching and…ahem… Anyway, faster, more driving rock pieces, combined with more stripped down and subdued classical pieces make this album, dare I say, better than the last, and better than a lot of music I’ve heard in a very long time. And remember: expert here. *points to self* Relax, I’m not about to compare Adele with the Spice Girls.

Which brings me to:

British music is back, baby! I mean, Florence + the Machine, Ellie Goulding, Plan B, Mumford… I think a pattern may be emerging. Wait for it. WAIT FOR IT… Okay, it has EMERGED.

Well no wonder!

Newsflash! Rick Rubin (Johnny Cash, Jay-Z, etc.) co-produced this album! Sorry peeps, it took me over a week to read the liner notes. =)

The essentials:

  • Set Fire To The Rain
  • Someone Like You
  • Rumour Has It
  • One And Only (Which is honest and beyond heartbreaking, but it is also one of a handful of tracks that switches gears by completely changing the tune half way through. Genius!)

The skip-if-you-want-to-save-money-on-iTunes’:

  • Take It All
  • Don’t You Remember