Ceremonial Testimonial

So I realize I should be posting a play-by-play recap of my recent trip to Olde Blighty, but at the moment, there are more pressing matters at hand. NEW FLORENCE!

D’you wanna know what perfection sounds like? It looks, well the visual, or the look of the sound, or, if your ears were eyes, they would see this, which then they could hear… oh, just… here:

Now I failed, like, every math class since the 5th grade, but I think this is the formula:
2 x 10² parts Evanescence x 2 parts U2 + 1⅞ part Ann Wilson + 1 part Adele + 1 part Gregorian Chant + 6 glitter flecks of Lady Gaga + 1/2 shameless Spice Girl = √15
Oh, now I think I’ve let that run away from me…

The essentials:

Shake It Out

All This and Heaven Too
No Light, No Light
Breaking Down

The skip-if-you-want-to-save-money-on-iTunes:
Uh, the What the Water Gave Me demo that’s included on the deluxe edition. I guess.



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