What a night…

So, two things:

1) Read the instructions before plugging a hair dryer into a foreign outlet adapter. There just may be different outlet in the bathroom that won’t cause the outlet to short, and probably fry said hair dryer…yeesh…

In case such a situation ever happens to you, make sure you have a Sainsbury’s within a few blocks that is open late so you can purchase the one and only diffuser they carry for £7.99…and also a new adapter, just in case. It will probably not be the adapter, so you will be able to return the adapter in the morning before you go buy whey protein from Whole Foods… ahem.

2) This also happened:


IDINA was incredible, as was Marvin Hamlisch, who guest conducted the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The two girls sat next to me were super funny as they geeked out the entire night… Were they not British with their adorable/kickass accents, I would have found them completely annoying. One of the girls was celebrating her 18th birthday and literally cried the entire night. I cried during a stripped down rendition of No Day But Today and when she started talking about Johnathan Larsen. Royal Albert Hall was such a magical venue that even when she sang a half-narrated version of Poker Face (stunning with my love, glue-gunning, seriously?) we all couldn’t help but cheer.


One Response to What a night…

  1. Great advice about the hair dryer. And what’s not to love about Idina, Marvin Hamlisch, and the Royal Philharmonic?

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