Mother England…

And awaaaaaaay I go! Tomorrow Idina Menzel, then who knows what magical adventures await me! I’ll be meeting up with Kate in two days time and all I gots to say is it’s been too damn long.

I will try to post whilst I’m in the UK, but I really don’t know the internet sitch. I know the internet existed the last time I was over there, but I really don’t recall ever using it… so we shall see.




One Response to Mother England…

  1. Dad says:

    Ahoy lass! (does that sound British?) Where are you? Have you made it over to France yet? Have you met any Gauls? How bout’ them Welsh? Did you sample the grape juice while you were there? I hope you are having fun with Ms. Kate. Take lots of pictures and bring me back a refrigerator magnet – I’m easy in the souvenir department. Brewers are tied 1-1. Gallardo vs. Carpenter tonight in game 3.
    Love you

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