Heartbreak on High Street… and Upper Parliament Street, and Princes Avenue, and Smithdown Road, Myrtle Street, North Hill Street, Gloucester Road, Holyhead Road…

My intent with this blog is not to delve into the complexities of British politics, but I just can’t leave this one alone.

I will freely admit that I am not 100% clear as to the cause for the continued rioting in the UK, but I nonetheless think that it needs to stop. Immediately. Whatever “side” your on, whichever news channel your follow; I can’t imagine how this violence and the destruction of homes and businesses can remedy the underlying issues.

I know it’s trickier than that. I know this tension has been percolating for a while, but trite as it may sound, no good can come from this.

If unemployment and budget cuts are at the heart of this, don’t these people understand that they’re only making everything worse by putting more people out of work? Destroying businesses will only inflate the pool of individuals seeking employment. Inciting fear from neighborhood to neighborhood will only produce hatred and animosity. Also, money that may (or may not, I will not even pretend to know for certain) have gone to social programs will now likely go to cleaning up the damn streets! Buildings that have been gutted and made unsafe by fires will need to be torn down and cleared. I have a strong suspicion that local authorities will put this clean up work at the top of their priorities, what with an Olympics to host in about one years time.

Innocent community members are already hard at work putting their neighborhoods back together, but they will need help.

Those responsible for this ongoing, asinine, maddening, exploitative, utterly idiotic behavior are not thinking past the end of their noses. According to reports in Britain, many of the rioters are unemployed youths. Well, try getting a job now! After you ransack the local grocery store in full view of multiple security cameras, go ahead and see if anyone will hire you. What a shame.

The London Metropolitan Police were not prepared for the events that have unfolded. The majority of police forces in the UK are not typically armed with more than night sticks. I think it’s safe to say they’ve been overwhelmed, thus far.

My hope is that tonight, cities across the UK, will be prepared for whatever comes their way.

~   ~   ~   ~    ~   ~

As I’m putting this out there on the internets, I suppose it is possible someone across the pond will read this…so, if any of you readers out there are busy putting the pieces back together, or are trying to keep the peace and protect your livelihoods, I applaud you and you are included in my prayers. There is a lot heartache in the world – in case you haven’t noticed – we can’t afford to rub salt in the wounds.


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