England or Bust #6: Three Days of Homelessness

After much deliberation – okay, more like three 15-minute phone conversations – Katie and I have decided our itinerary for the trip. Instead of living it up in a single hotel room for the whole of our stay overseas, we are going to break up our lodging into three parts.

Upscale – For the first three nights, we will stay in a nice, but moderately priced hotel, probably to the south of Hyde Park. I’d like to stay relatively close to Royal Albert Hall, but that is proving a bit difficult to do under £200 per night.

On the move – We’ve left the following three nights open. No reservations whatsoever. The plan is to visit cities farther afield during this time, and perhaps take advantage of one Kate’s contacts in Edinburgh and/or Bath for a place to stay. If we decide to hit up Paris overnight, we would do it during this time as well. We’re not tied to a room reservation, so if we need to be put up in a friend’s flat, great! If we need to book a cheap hotel on the fly, great! If we need to find a hostel, well, this moi doesn’t really do hostels. The point is, we’ll leave this stretch open until closer to when we leave. If we find out that every single person Kate has ever met in the United Kingdom has fled the region on hearing of her pending arrival, we’ll book a hotel.

Local – For the final five nights, we’ve settled on a charming flat north of Regents Park. We’ll have all the amenities of home, including washer and dryer, fridge, microwave, and have a bit more room to stretch out than we would have in a hotel room. I’ve already checked the nearest Sainbury’s, where the triangle sandwiches live, and they have organic milk for 58p!



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