England or Bust #4: Royal Albert Hall and Tottenham’s Unfortunate Home Schedule

It’s hard to pin Kate down long enough to have a phone conversation about what happened on last week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars (No, I don’t watch that! Do you watch that!? *clears throat*), let alone to plan the details of our trip to England. But, alas, we were able to set aside some time this weekend and settle on some dates.

 The English Premier League has released their schedule of 2011/2012 fixtures, and wouldn’t you know it, Tottenham will not be playing at home for almost the entire month of October. In order to accommodate other need-to-pay-well-in-advance type events, it looks like I’ll need to see my Spurs at an away venue. Now the tricky part is choosing a FRIENDLY away venue.

  • Newcastle? Perhaps, just perhaps. I think I can muster enough love for the home team there while remaining loyal to my Spurs.
  • Blackburn? Uh, Newcastle it is, then!

What we’ve settled on is my leaving one day in advance of Kate, so she can get in a little more time at work. Now, we’ve already discussed that I’d could spend an entire holiday in London alone, so spending 36 hours should be no problem. My dear cousin, let’s call her, Amy, thought I’d have no problem faring on my own in London. I believe her exact words were, “Are you kidding? You know that city better than anyone!” How’s that for a compliment?

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra happen to be playing with a couple of choice performers in early October that I may not want to miss. Naturally, these performers are quite Broadway in oeuvre, and well, Kate and showtunes? Notsomuch. I’m thinking I may need to spend an evening at the theatre – or is it symphony? this is like a hybrid performance, so I just don’t know – before she arrives. 

Long story less long, we’ve got a lock on the dates so now we can stop pretending we’re going to go and purchase our tickets.

Everyone’s clear that I meant PLANE tickets just there, yeah? I mean, do they ferry people across the Atlantic a la the Titanic anymore? And no, I know a taking the train is not an option – I fell for that last time so, just…


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