Tower Bridge IV – Finale

About damn time!

There it is! Shall we finish this now?

"For every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and SNAP! The job's a game." I'm finding that Mary Poppins's wisdom can be applied to just about anything. I mention it here because this bloody thing is becoming a bit of a chore, if I'm perfectly honest. But, this second tower is coming right along, and, no, I didn't really need to wait for the that second instruction book. You've probably worked that out by now, I'm sure.

Progress report. After the second tower is finished, I'm left with this.

Splash! Footbridge down! She took a bit of a tumble during transit back to the ottoman...

Yeah, another piece missing. But, d'you know what? I'm going to let this slide...I can proceed, so I'll notify Lego later.

Detail work. Panels for the final layers underneath the steeple.

She's coming along...

Much respect to the designers at Lego. Such exquisite - and a bit ridiculous at times - detail!

There you have it. Odds are, she'll remain on my dining room table, where she's been living for the past four months, for a long, long time. Or, until I need the table to wrap Christmas presents. I mean, that's what tables are for, right?


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