Special Delivery

I decided to check the mail as I came home from work today. Mail retrieval doesn’t happen often unless it’s near my birthday, I’m expecting Legos, or I’m anxiously awaiting a refill of my allergy medication.

But lo and behold, today… today I got a package from my BESTIE!

As I mentioned, Katiekins recently popped over to Europe with her family (minus moi).

Being the swell friend that she is, she sent me at least one gift from each place she stopped. So, we have Swiss chocolates from Switzerland, a Germany football scarf, in German, and a couple papers from the Royal Wedding! It’s a bit hard to make it out, but the image on the front of “The Independent” is an artist’s rendering of William and Kate’s kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

She also included a note – apparently she was fully aware that the Germany scarf might not have been well-received, but alas, she could not send me a plate of spaetzle, so… all is forgiven. As long as England aren’t in the same competition, I may just wear the damn thing.

In other-but-pretty-closely-related news, around the same time the postman was delivering my parcel, I was out purchasing this:

Impulse buy! Near the register, to be sure. But, and bit eerie when you consider what was waiting for me at home, amIright?

I simply had to pick it up considering all of the mags I gobbled up when Princess Diana passed away. Her boy’s married, and I wanted to make sure I got my hands of a healthy dose of news clippings. Mission accomplished, yeah?


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