Harrods Food Holla!!!

I tell you what, WOW! I have a new favorite website. Prepare to have your mind blown…


Now, I’ve been to Harrods on a few occasions. When I was 14, my dad bought me a pair of Adidas cross-trainers that were easily twice as expensive as they would have been in the States (they were from Harrods! C’mon!) On my next trip, I watched a group of friends spend one pound each to use the powder room on the top floor, instead of informing them they could have simply used the loos off of Toy Kingdom. During my most recent visit, I experienced the grandeur of the Food Halls for the first time.

This link that I’ve stumbled upon has made it both a little bit easier AND a little bit harder to be away from London.

I simply had to share. I’m deeply sorry. Also, you’re welcome.


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