Let’s Give Cricket a Go: An Open Letter to Fans

Dear cricket fans,

So, cricket. Can someone help me out, because this has got to be the most confusing sport on the planet.

I like baseball. I know baseball. On the surface of it, I can see where they came up with baseball from cricket, but if I look for just a minute longer, I’m completely lost again.

From what I’ve been able to gather, the batman hits the ball and runs back and forth up a dirt patch of land until…what? What does that running do? How long does he run for? Until he gets dizzy? Is someone trying to get him out?

The diagrams of the field show an infield and an outfield, but I’m not sure what goes on beyond that little strip of land with the batsman and the bowler. I also know there are supposed to be 11 players on the field, but other than the two I’ve just mentioned, what are they all meant to do?

Also, there are innings, however I’m not sure how many or how to tell when one is over. Is it just an endless competition?

I should also mention that apparently all of this is up for deliberation because various governing bodies, tournaments, etc. abide by different variations of the game. Thanks much, that’s very helpful.

Wikipedia.com is very patchy on all of this, and the ESPN cricket website doesn’t contain a single video with actual cricket being played – only interview footage, which again I say, very helpful.

Be right back, I’m going to give YouTube a look…

Okay, I’m back, and I’ve at least learned that the batsman is basically trying to protect their wickets, from a bowler who is trying to knock them over. AMIRIGHT? Other than that, I’ve really only found a lot of montage videos with teams in various states of excitement. Those didn’t really tell me anything.

So, as I am clearly cricket-impaired and perhaps all too American for this, can someone help me out? Please explain in relation to baseball, wherever possible.

Affectionately,   MH


One Response to Let’s Give Cricket a Go: An Open Letter to Fans

  1. Wendi says:

    Hmmm….this sounds like a rather curious sport. I wish I could help, but unfortunately I know nothing about it. Make sure to post back if you find out more though, now I’m rather interested to see how it does compare to baseball.

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