England or Bust #2: I have my concerns…

As a frequent visitor (which I’m sure you are), you’ll come to know that Kate is my best mate. Oooh, rhyming! Like sisters, really, and all of that. In the many years we’ve known each other, we’ve done a fair amount of traveling together, and we’re now due for another trip back to Mother England. Since relocating isn’t really in the cards any time soon, I must make the trip LIKERIGHTNOW. This is a sentiment my dear Kate has said that she shares.

Uh huh.

Fast-forward about two months and now Kate has been conveniently ignoring my texts whenever I mention the subject of England or plane tickets.

I have concerns.

I get that money is a big concern (as always), and her chosen profession may not leave a lot of room for planning trips so far in advance. Of course, none of this is any comfort to me.

It comes down to, would I go to England alone, if Kate bailed on me? The answer is, yes, A THOUSAND TIMES YES! but in the real world, I need to consider the financials of it all.

I would definitely go by myself, but I don’t think I’d go for two weeks, which might just derail the whole thing.

Stay tuned, my peeps!


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