Sir Dr. Anschul England, Esq.

In about five days time, I’ll be leaving for a short, but much needed holiday. This means a plane trip, a whole lot of waiting around in airports, and a bit of wandering around unexplored territory by my lonesome – all of which cannot be done without a killer soundtrack. This means I must update the selections on my iPod.

You should know, my iPod has been named Sir Dr. Anschul England, Esq. (At your service…)

Sir Dr. is chockablock to absolute capacity with tunes and videos. I’ve been sitting here for hours trying to pull whatever I can off the damn thing to make room for more. I’ve deleted about 3GB already, but I still need about 700-800MB of space.

Now I’m caught in a dilemma. I have entire albums of Florence + the Machine, Plan B, Ellie Goulding, Alex Metric, Adele, Bloc Party, Lily Allen, Oakenfold, Paloma Faith, Robbie Williams, the Streets, Mumford…that I’ve been unwilling to part with. One just never knows when one will need a little “Dust Bowl Dance” or “Stargazer” or “Don’t Mug Yourself”, does one?

Perhaps taking up even more space, I’ve got several episodes of Skins hanging around. Episodes from series two, three and four. Sure, I’ve seen them all one hundred times each, but they’re all so lovely, and the music on these particular eps makes them all that much harder to cut!

I’d really like to get this sorted without spending the whole of my weekend staring blankly at an incredibly long, and (in the last day or so) unchanging list of songs.

So, I must pose the question to you, my peeps – what shall I do?


3 Responses to Sir Dr. Anschul England, Esq.

  1. Have a fun trip! Just curious to know how you chose the name, Sir Dr. Anschul England, Esq.?

  2. I hope you’re having fun, wherever you are. I love having all my tunes on one ipod, hence a few years back, my tax return went to apple. Totally worth it. You can live 7 lifetimes and still have space for more on the Ipod Classic.

  3. Wendi says:

    What did you end up cutting from your Ipod for the trip?

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